A spectacular performance live serving your private and businesses events! 

Valentine sculpts in live words in anodized aluminium.

- The guest chooses his word and selects a color of wire. Valentine sculpts the word in front of the guest, before offering it.

- The performance is proposed ambulatory or fixed installation. Intervention between 2h to 4h. 80 to 200 words make during performance.

Quotation on request : contact@valentine-h.com


• Relay h: award of the "Travelers and Readers' Relay" prize, cocktail at Maison de l'Amérique Latine, Paris

• Eiffel Tower: inauguration of the 1st floor of the Eiffel Tower, Paris

• Le Bon Marché: Performance live at the "Galerie Imaginaire", Paris

• GPMA: award ceremony of the association "Atout soleil" - Wagram dining cocktail, Paris

• Artempo: evening at Heavent show, Paris

• Individuals: weddings - Angoulême, Paris, Brussels ...